Beware of Email Scams

Deacon Scott Maentz Parish News

People are reporting getting crazy false emails from individuals either pretending to be one of our priests or the bishop or someone writing or calling on their behalf to ask for money or gift cards.  This has happened in the past, but crooks are always coming up with new twists in the wording to try to catch us off guard when we are busy or distracted.  Please don’t fall for these scams!  The email addresses are disguised to appear they are from a legitimate person you know, but this is not the case at all.

One of the recent ones claimed that Fr. Hendershott’s debit card was frozen while he was away on retreat.  Please know that none of our priests would EVER contact any of us and ask us for $’s or gift cards to meet personal expenses for any reason!  If you get such an email, phone call or text asking for money or gift cards for any of our priests, deacons, or religious, it is safest to just ignore it.  Do not even respond.  If you are still worrying whether it is true or not, call the parish office and they can confirm for you!

Stay safe and alert!…I guess I should say, “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”  (from Matthew 10:16)