Communion Ministers Needed!

Deacon Scott MaentzHome page 1, Parish News

Fr. Bill has ankle surgery scheduled in January, which means it will not be possible for him to to distribute Holy Communion at Mass. As such, we need additional Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHCs) to help out at each of the English Masses, at least through March 2024. We’ve scheduled a short training session on December 30 at 1:00pm in the church for all those interested in serving in this role.

This ministry will also require safe environement training and is open to any adult 18 years or older who is interested. Parents of altar servers are excellent candidates for this ministry and can be scheduled to serve at the same Mass as your son or daughter altar serves.

The ministry of the EMHC also provides the possibility of bringing communion to shut-ins, those in the hospital and those who are residents of various extended care facilities. This is a beautiful and rewarding ministry for which the need is great. While as an EMHC you do not need to commit to making visits to those who are unable to attend Mass, you would certainly be qualified to do so. What a wonderful Lenten sacrifice this would make!

Please contact the parish office if you are interested in serving as an EMHC at Mass. We could really use your help!