Communion on the Tongue Returns

Deacon Scott Maentz Parish News

Beginning the First Sunday of Advent, Catholics throughout the Diocese of Knoxville will again have the option to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. On November 9th, Bishop Stika issued a revised decree for the public celebration of Mass, permitting the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue. This decree is in effect beginning the weekend of November 28-29, the weekend of the first Sunday of Advent.

The decree mandates the following procedures for distribution on the tongue:

  • The distribution of Sacred Host on the tongue will take place in a separate, distinct line dedicated only to those desiring to receive on the tongue. If this cannot be achieved then the distribution of the Sacred Host on the tongue will be received after the Mass has ended.
  • The cleric or assigned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion MUST disinfect his/her hands in-between EACH communicant.
  • Those parishes who offer the Extraordinary Form of the Missale Romanum in a Mass may distribute the Sacred Host on the tongue using the normal communion lines – however, the cleric MUST disinfect his/her hands in-between EACH communicant.

Here at Holy Ghost we will have a distinct, third communion line for those who desire to receive on the tongue. As such, we will need the assistance of an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at each Mass. If you are interested in serving as an EMHC, please contact Deacon Scott at (865) 310-6649 or