The Saint Gregory Society

The mission of the Saint Gregory Society is to make the mysteries of Christ come alive in the parish community by celebrating the liturgical seasons and feasts of the Church, as the celebration of the liturgy is the source and summit of everything we do as a Catholic community. We strive to unite the entire parish as one community, as the celebration of the liturgy is the work of the entire People of God. All of us together, in our diverse ministries, accomplish the great task of celebrating the liturgy which has been entrusted to us by Christ himself. The Saint Gregory Society endeavors to celebrate the liturgical seasons over the course of the year, commemorating and celebrating this annual cycle of the mysteries of Christ. These celebrations aim to express the mysteries of Christ through spiritual and physical signs and symbols and unite the community in mutual love and self-giving. The Mass, Divine Office, Eucharistic and other processions, ceremonies, blessings, singing, music, dancing, plays, performances, and sharing seasonal food and drink are ways that these mysteries are expressed, being rooted in the work of creation and in human culture.