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I was inspired this morning to share some Lenten resources here. Then I was further inspired to ask you to share your favorites! Here’s the fruit of that inspiration. Check out what has quickly become the #1 go to prayer app for my wife Christine and I, then share your favorite Lenten resource(s) in the combox below.

My prayers for a Blessed Ash Wednesday and a fruitful Lent for you and your loved ones! -Deacon Scott

Hallow app on iPhone 13

The Hallow app is my favorite and possibly the best prayer app available today for iPhone and Android. Hundreds of prayers and meditations, narrated by professional voice artists, are at your fingertips. I suggest you download the app, consider enrolling in the Lenten Challenge, and see what other prayers and sacred music selections resonate with you. This one app provides so much variety in such a holy and delightful way that it is our favorite.

Download the app from the App Store or from Google Play. The app offers a 14 day free trial and then requires either a monthly or annual subscription. We have a family plan for up to 5 family members. More information on Hallow’s website.

Here’s Hallow’s Lent Challenge to reflect on The 7 Last Words of Christ, narrated by Jonathan Roumie (Jesus in The Chosen) and Jim Caviezel (Jesus in The Passion of the Christ). Be sure to watch the trailer!

You might also be interested in this article from Hallow called “What to Give Up for Lent in 2022: Practical Fasting Ideas for Lent

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment below with your favorite Lenten Resource(s) so others can benefit. Links are welcome. Your contribution may experience a short delay before being published, as all comments are subject to manual review.

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