New Fence and Office Entrance

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Fr. Bill sent the following email to his pastor’s email list. If you are not subscribed to this list, which Father uses sparingly to distribute important news and other information, you can subscribe here.

Dear Fellow Parishioners:

Holy Ghost Parish has been blessed with solid growth and activity in the last couple of years despite the pandemic. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for your cooperation by keeping in mind that the office/rectory is both a place of business and a residence for our associate, Fr. Hendershott.

Please use the Hinton Ave entrance when coming to the office. The gates leading to the side door will be unlocked to use the wheelchair ramp.

I ask you to use the front door of the building as much as possible (Hinton Ave. entrance). The new fence will be locked after 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and on weekends. Parishioners are asked to only come to the office/rectory during business hours, except for prior appointments or emergencies.

In the Love of the Risen Lord,

Fr. Bill McNeeley