New hymnals for Holy Ghost

Sing to the Lord hymnal program

We are not yet able to start singing as a congregation, but we’re making preparations for that day. To that end, we are making a couple of changes. First, we will be using Pew Missals with Sunday readings and psalms published by Ignatius Press. These are distributed once a year and are sturdier than the pulp versions we used previously.

Another change I am excited about is the introduction of the Adoramus Hymnal, second edition. Heavenly music can lead us to Heaven. Just as other art forms can uplift and inspire us, so does beautiful sacred music lift us heavenward. This hymnal contains a superb repertoire of traditional hymns that are beautiful and musically accessible.

The Adoramus Hymnal consists of three major sections: the order of Mass, musical settings of the ordinary (e.g., Kyrie and Lamb of God), and lastly, hymns. It will enhance the beauty of our worship and inspire us to offer our Lord the praise he so richly deserves. Each hymnal will cost approximately $20 each, shipping included (375 needed), and I invite parishioners to sponsor one or more hymnals at that price. Each donor can designate one or two names to be printed on a bookplate and affixed to the inside cover in honor of or in memory of loved ones.

Here’s what the bookplates will look like:

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring multiple hymnals so that once we reach life after Covid-19, we may once again sing God’s praises as never before.

Faithfully yours,
Father Bill McNeeley

Download pdf giving form to mail or bring to Mass