Register Now for RCIA and CCD Classes!

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Download this PDF file for everything you need to know about Faith Formation at Holy Ghost, including the start dates for each of the classes.

Please complete the following form to register yourself or your children for religious education classes.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) class is for those adults who are interested in becoming members of the Church, or who are simply interested in learning more about our Roman Catholic faith. CCD classes are offered for children who are seeking to receive the Sacraments of First Communion or Confirmation. You will be contacted soon after submitting your registration with information regarding the time and location of the classes.

Registration Form for 2022 RCIA and CCD Classes

Complete the Information Below for Each Candidate (including RCIA)

Por favor, complete la siguiente información para cada candidato.
¿Qué sacramentos buscas?
¿Qué sacramentos ya has recibido?
Nombre de los candidatos
Fecha de Nacimiento

Baptismal Information (Información Bautismal)

If the candidate has been baptized, please provide the following information (¿Si su candidato a ha sido bautizado, por favor indique la siguiente informción.)
Candidatos a la parraquia o iglesia donde se bautizó
Dirección de la iglesia / parraquial
Fecha del bautismo
¿Tienes un certificado bautismal?