Surprise Party for Fr. Michael

Deacon Scott Maentz Parish News

On Saturday, July 10, a group of parishioners surprised Fr. Michael with a party for his upcoming birthday. Thinking he was simply going to be playing soccer at St. Joseph School with friends, he arrived to find a large group gathered to wish him a Happy Birthday and to show their appreciation for his priestly ministry.

Fr. Michael was caught completely off guard, having no idea what-so-ever that this party in his honor had been planned. He expressed his profound gratitude to everyone who had a hand in pulling this off, even mentioning it at all the Sunday Masses before sharing the news of our upcoming Parish Mission (August 1, 2 & 3).

After the surprise, a game of soccer was played by many of the attendees, followed by a pot-luck lunch and the sharing of his birthday cake. Thanks to everyone who made this day so special for Fr. Michael.