Music for Mass on December 20

Mary C. Weaver Music for Mass

Click to download the Mass program for December 20, 2020, the fourth Sunday of Advent. Here are some of the proper texts—those that change with every Sunday or solemnity—to be sung for this Mass: Introit: Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness. Let the earth open and bring forth salvation. (Cf. Isaiah 45:8) Responsorial …

Mass of the Angels for the Christmas season

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During the Christmas season this year–from December 25 through January 10–we will sing new settings of the Gloria, the Sanctus (Holy, holy, holy), and the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). All are English versions of the Latin setting known as Missa de Angelis–the Mass of the Angels. All are in English. We will continue to sing the Greek Kyrie we …

Changes in our Mass ordinary for Advent 2020

Mary C. Weaver Music and liturgy, Music for Mass, Parish News

At every Mass we sing or say the words of the Ordinary (the unchangeable parts of the Mass), for example, the Gloria; Holy, holy, holy; and Lamb of God. In ordinary time—the liturgical season we’re in now—our parish has for quite a few years sung the simple ordinary in English from the third edition of the Roman Missal. In Lent …

New Alleluia for Masses in English

Mary C. Weaver Music and liturgy

Today, October 4, we began using a new settings of the Alleluia and Gospel verse that are sung just before the priest or deacon proclaims the Gospel. If you know the hymn O Sons and Daughters or O filii et filiae—written in the 15th century—you’ll be familiar with its refrain: Here’s how it sounds (without accompaniment):

What are the propers?

Mary C. Weaver Music and liturgy

Before there was a “gathering song,” there was the Introit. Before ever a cantor intoned a responsorial psalm, there was the Gradual. Before hymns were sung at Offertory and Communion, there were the Offertory and Communion chants. In short, centuries before the Mass was put into what’s been called the “four-hymn sandwich,” the Church sang the propers. Before music directors …

The Adoremus Hymnal, second edition

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I’ve been a collector of Catholic hymnals for years, and I have an overflowing shelf of books to prove it. Some of my favorites are old out-of-print books that can only be found in a library or as an online pdf that some kind soul has scanned. The major Catholic music publishers provide plenty of options, but most have a …