The Synod Survey

Deacon Scott Maentz Parish News

The Diocese of Knoxville received a Vatican directive in September that set into motion a process that may be unmatched in recent Church history and will culminate in the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of Bishops led by Pope Francis in Rome in 2023.

Pope Francis announced that the worldwide Church is invited to participate in a Synod on synodality. The aim of the Synod is to involve the whole Church at the diocesan, national, and continental levels through a process of “listening and discernment” on the important theme of synodality.

Pope Francis and Bishop Stika want your input. You and your family and friends are encouraged to complete our diocese’s anonymous on-line survey designed to better understand what Catholics and non-Catholics in East Tennessee think about various Church teachings and moral issues. It’s important that members of Holy Ghost be heard in these important matters. This Spring we plan to publish the results of the survey. Please encourage your family and friends to participate.

The survey is located at