Update on Repairs to the Old Church and New Security Measures

Deacon Scott Maentz Parish News

On Tuesday, June 29, Fr. Bill sent an email update on planned repairs to the old church and new security measures at the church. If you are not subscribed to his email list, which he uses sparingly to distribute important news and other information, you can subscribe here.

Here is the text of Father’s email:

Dear Friends in Christ,

This message is to keep you informed on the progress made on our two pending improvement projects, repairs to the old church, and improvement to our security system.  I have submitted the necessary paperwork to Bishop Stika and his Finance Council and received the bishop’s approval for both projects this afternoon.

Art Clancy and Jimmy Dee are leading the project to add four classrooms and a meeting room to the ground floor of the old church for use for classes and meetings.  It will be sealed from the upper and lower floors with its own HVAC system.  The cost of these repairs will be paid from savings (not Home Campaign funds) and which still leave prudent reserves, as required by diocesan policy.  Repairing the old church in this way is the most cost-effective solution to our growing program needs.  Our contractor will be Doug Kaiser, who is a parishioner at Immaculate Conception Church.

The second part of our improvements this summer is a significant upgrade to our security system.  Gallagher Security of Knoxville will start installation at Holy Ghost Church as soon as all equipment is in their shop.  I hope it can be completed by the end of July.  The system includes 14 cameras around the exterior of the buildings with digital recording 24 hours a day.  There will also be card-controlled access to the church.  Locks will also be controlled on computers in the office and automatically unlocked and locked for regularly scheduled meetings.  There will also be five emergency pagers available to clergy and staff.  I also consulted the Knoxville Police Department, which sent two police officers today to inspect our buildings and property.  They will submit a report to me with any other recommendations, if necessary.

I met with Fr. Hendershott and our Faith Formation Committee last week to make plans for the coming school year.  The improvements we are making today are a prudent investment in our parish’s future and all those we are called to serve.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me during office hours.  Good things are happening at Holy Ghost Church.  Thank you for your faith and your support.

In Christ’s love,
Fr. Bill McNeeley